Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grace in Small Things #38

1. Today we finished Henry's fall ECFE class.  It gave him and me a chance to play without the distractions at home.  It gave him a chance to interact with other moms and children his age.  It gave me a chance to touch base with some other amazing mommies.  Looking forward to a winter session starting in January.

2.  A reason to wear some flashy heels...I will post a picture tomorrow when I get my laptop back...

3.  Which brings me to number three...I love my MacBook...and somehow Henry jammed the on button down so it kept turning on and off...this is normally not covered under it's warrenty...however, there was recall type thing on the casing..which was chipped so they had to open it up anyways..therefore they said they would just do it for free.  WOO HOO!  Love those Mac people...by the way...that store was crazy around 11:30 this morning.

4.  My assistant this holiday season is my very own five year old son Charley.  This afternoon he helped me wrap..we are almost done.  He has helped me bake, frost, sprinkle etc.   He has helped decorate.  He is a good shopper.  He gets the mail everyday and opens the Christmas cards.  He stamped our return address on all of our xmas card envelopes.  What a guy!

5.   2 neighbor girls who babysit...that means that their parents are home to help if there was an emergency..but best of all...when we get home and it is 20 below zero...we don't have to get back in the car and drive across town.  I appreciate this more than anything.


The Gardiner Family said...

Can’t wait to see your flashy heels, but do you think it is appropriate to wear heels when it is -1 real temp outside? Just kidding! :)

Sarah said...

Oh these heels are so hot they melt the ice. HA! I will work on capturing their beauty tomorrow.


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