Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Things that make me clench my teeth these days...

1. The cold - driving the morning carpool run is cold...but heading to Cub Foods at 6 am to pick up the school supplies that I forgot to pick up earlier in the even colder. Clenching your teeth does not make you warmer.

2. We are trying to wean Henry slowly from his nuk. We did it with Charley when he turned two...Henry turns two on January that means...dun dun duh dun, the nuk will soon be done!....the pain and suffering are approaching. I think that was the hardest week for me - when we took the nuk away from Charley. I am not looking forward to it with Henry. So I am committing to using it only when he is in bed...or when we are on a car ride that is longer than 4 hours...because in the next two weeks we have a couple of rides like that. There are times this morning during the carpool ride when the kid wanted his nukkie (he can say it now) and boy did I wish I had one in my purse. With teeth clenched we got through.

3. I am starting to visualize the suitcase and the packing job ahead of me. I think I get caught up on laundry and will be ready to pack and then I realize that I want to wear something or I want the boys to wear something that I want pack. I wish I could pack and be ready...without items that are not ready yet.

4. The last two nights Charley has wet his bed in the wee hours of the morning. Amazingly he is able to take off his tee-tee (his special blanket)...or his pillow...or last night the sleeping bag and blanket he was using! CLENCHING! If he has time to think...and to wiggle out of his sleeping bag...and put it on the floor...THEN GOSH DARN IT HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN TO THE BATHROOM! I will say, that we had a babysitter last night and most likely she forgot to have him go potty before bed...but STILL! CLENCHING!
COME ON Kiddo - give the laundry doing mama a rest!

5. Speaking of laundry - our washing machine is still rockin' (literally), rollin', and leaking...occasionally. It leaked last night. So far we are all good today. Clenching...knowing that one of these times we are not going to be so lucky. Yet, waiting for the perfect deal and time is worth it.

6. The kitchen floor is one long hard clench. There are cookie crumbs constantly appearing...the boys are making messes during their three meals a day...and then throw in there some snacks.

7. Last night I wore my fabulous styling heels and clenched my teeth midway through blowdrying my hair (since I decided I better practice walking in them) because they hurt. I NEVER wear when I do they hurt early on. I also clenched as I tried to look like I could walk in them...instead of hobble...which I am almost 99.5% sure I did all the way to the car in the below zero temperatures at 10:00pm. Will post a picture...promise...later when I get my laptop back (yes, clenching when I type that).

8. Smiling as I watch Henry run around the house dragging my apron around by the strap it is his doggy. However, as he looks back to smile he runs smack into the chair and kitchen table...clenching in pain for him. Poor guy!

I DO realize that all these "teeth clenching moments" are just little things that are occuring in my life. I am clenching my teeth, meeting them head on with a patient voice, and a deep breath. May your Wednesday be -clench free-.


Anonymous said...

my wednesday was NOT clench free--but as sad as it is, it makes it more manageable knowing that EVERYONE has their share of trials each day, too. i hate saying that, but sometimes i need to remind myself that it's not all about what's happening to me.

Anonymous said...

You need a dog for #6. :)



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