Thursday, December 24, 2009

For the Love of SNOW!

It has been snowing all day...
There are moments of pause...
But for the most part, it has been snowing ALL DAY!

We have probably scored about 6-8 inches of snow so far..I think more...Ed thinks less. 
All I know...We shoveled for over 2 hours and that was WITH the help of our neighbors plow truck, it took care of the end of the driveway snowplow torture. 

I headed out first this morning to shovel...I needed a moment.  You know, one of those mama moments.  As I headed out in my snippy mood - I noticed that the neighbors were out too.  The dad and his two teenage daughters.  The memories flooded back - I knew those girls most likely DIDN'T want to be out there.  They all stood for at least 10 minutes hooking up their ipods in their ears - the dad too.  Then they all proceeded to shout at each other because they couldn't hear.  As the daughters got to work I heard the dad yell, "Try and pitch it farther."  I knew those girls were probably so peeved - to have to be out there shoveling all this snow and then to have their dad telling them how to do it.  Teenage girls, you know. 

Then it got even more fun.  The mom opened the garage door into the house and started yelling out to them.  Of course they couldn't hear her, because of the ipods, and they yelled to her, "I can't hear you."  She needed to get to the store, from the sound of it...but the dad explained loudly, "You can't go until we have shoveled." The mom then said some other things and didn't get much response....then I finally heard her yell, "Well, Merry Christmas to you too."  By this point I am laughing so hard - inside of course.  The ultimate moment....when one of the younger daughters pauses after the garage door slams...sets the shovel upright and says, "Ughhhhh!"  with a loud sigh. 

I decided, maybe the girls were where they wanted to be...maybe their mama was having a moment too - but she was smart and shooed them all outside. 

Shoveling continued and we all paused to let our shoulders sag as the enormous plow came by twice and put us all back to square one - thankfully our neighbor soon came by with his plow truck.  

Ed and the boys soon joined me and all was once again right in the world. 


Anonymous said...

The neighbor shoveling story is awesome! Seriously am laughing out loud.


Raina and Andy said...

heehee!! i always wanted to go out and shovel and help but i was NO good at it and the little red shovel i was stuck with ...was CRAP. RR


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