Monday, November 2, 2009

Why the move...

So September 7,2008, a good friend encouraged me to sit down and just putter around with blogging. Who would have thought that it would have become something that has become such a big part of my life. I started blogging to help keep track of my boys' lives. I have been terrible about filling out baby books and organizing photo albums and now realize that this allows me to not only keep track of the typical things but also the little conversations and quirky personality stages that they go through. I am so thankful to have a friend who inspired me to take the time to give it a try.

Maybe my boys won't give a hoot, but if I could have a journal of my mother's that gave insight into her day to day thoughts and feelings as I was growing up I would devour it. To be able to read little stories of my childhood would be hilarious. To know what got her through the long winter she dealt with three kids coming home from school all jabbering away about our she survived making dinners and lunches all those years.

As a stay at home mom I find that my blog gives me something that I do for myself - even though it is mostly about the boys. But the day to day life at home can at times be lonesome or isolating. I find that I start to appreciate this special time less and less from time to time and since I have started blogging I have noticed more gratitude. Each day I strive to find that moment that I want to remember or reflect on. In NO WAY are my days just filled with happy baking, playing, and inspiring motherhood moments - even though some of you might think that as you read...but it is really hard to write about the less top notch moments (like this weekend when Henry and I had a power struggle over a freakin' hotdog during dinner with guests.) I try to include honesty with truth of less prouder moments because I have found that my blog has become more than just a record of my boys is a way for me to appreciate, reflect, and slow down and be present for all these precious moments that occur in my life.

Blogging has encouraged me to practice writing. Growing up I struggled with the rules of writing. My mom wanted so badly to get me a tutor so that I could get some help with the rules. I will shout from the rooftops that I still don't have a clue when to use lots of punctuation. I use the word 'that' too often and I use .... way too much. I type like I speak and for me it works. I AM NOT a writer.

Blogging has turned me into a MAC girl. Soon after I began blogging my husband and I started fighting over the computer at night, my brother announced he was going to sell his one year old MacBook. We jumped all over that and my life has never been the same.

Blogging has given me resources to other mom's who have inspired me to cook, bake, craft, and try many other ways of thinking and living. I LOVE to read blogs. This is one of the reason I am changing blogs. By getting rid of our last name in our title...and in all old posts (along with any friends or family's last names..)I trust I can correspond with other bloggers by commenting and interacting with them. It is such a fun part of blogging.

Blogging has also inspired me to slow down with my photo taking. To take more pictures. To look at life a little different. I want to keep growing as a photo taker.

Blogging has made many of my friendships stronger but has also brought new friends into my life. I know that friends of friends/family have read my blog and I encourage you to email or throw a thought out there. My blog is no longer just for the grandmas. I am excited to make some new friends through it!

We all have our passions, hobbies, and interests...the things that relax us. That make us happy. That give us pride. My boys are my life right now. I have put my teaching on hold and have chosen to enjoy this time. And some people might think it is silly, but blogging does help "make my day" as I capture and think differently about everything...from making dinner, folding laundry, playing matchbox cars, guys, and blocks, to finding time for me and the other people in my life. Blogging is a little thing...but isn't it the little things that mean the most.

We will kick off the new blog with a give away later this week!


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