Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

The first part of our Halloween was devoted to Charley's birthday. After Henry's nap we dove into some Halloween fun. Well, my boys actually won't touch the inside of a pumpkin. Next year we will question whether we even attempt to carve. Uncle Mike and Grandma helped too.

Ed and I did some carving.

For dinner we had homemade mac and cheese. During dinner we discussed trick or treating and Charley informed me he would share one box of DOTS with me (since he knows I like those- I do like them but really I just hate the idea of him eating those chewy sticky ones). Once it was time to get our costumes on and go chaos began. Henry didn't want to put on his costume. Morgan wasn't too thrilled either. We attempted to get a picture but the stress level was high. But heck, this is what holidays are all about.

This is as good as it gets.

Then we took off for our first stop at the neighbors across the street. I was feeling overwhelmed just getting us all out the door. So when our neighbor offered up the bowl of candy to Charley and she said, "You can take as much as you want." Charley replied, "I will just take these two boxes of Dots. One for me and one for my mom." Tears appeared ...I am a blessed mama.

Trick or treating with daddy.

Watching Ed and his brother Mike trick or treat with the boys was fun! Brothers being dads together.

Henry walked almost the whole way! At one house the lady gave him two pieces and he reached in and took three more.

Morgan was a trooper and was a happy rider all evening!

And after the kids were peacefully sleeping the adults poured out the trick or treat sacks (yes, amazingly Charley didn't dump it out ...odd, I know). It is still a thrill to sort the candy and see what was most popular.

This was the second year in a row that we have spent time with Uncle Mike, Aunt Becca, and Grandma Charlie....could we have a tradition on our hands. Ahhh...traditions, the things that make our children realize they are part of family.

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