Thursday, November 12, 2009

What makes my week sane?

As we near the end of the week I always think back and wonder how we got through the week, faster than expected, happy, and healthy. When I started staying home I knew it was going to be a challenge not to feel isolated. I knew I was going to work REALLY hard not to spend money like I did "before". When I had a day off of work we would go all out: a pricey activity, lunch out, dinner take out, a little shopping for myself or Ed or added up fast. But since making the decision to be home I have had to pinch a bit more and think about things.

One of the areas that I have really cut back on is shopping - why do I need to shop for myself when I just wear t-shirts and jeans daily. I do know I do not want to be one of those mom's that is submitted into Oprah for a mommy makeover, so I do try to not wear cozy pants every day of the week - and I hardly ever wear sweat-like clothes ALL day.

In the last month or so I have really tried hard to enjoy the kitchen so that we weren't tempted to eat out as much. My meal group also helps with this (tonight's Cheeseburger soup is like eating take out - thanks to Gwen!). After spending a few weeks really watching what I spend at the grocery store I realize that for us to have a yummy salmon dinner (all four of us) we can do that for 15 bucks if we make it ourselves (and Target has some great fresh salmon already seasoned). I will admit that going out to eat is still a treat for the person who makes decisions and cooks most of the meals...and then cleans up. However, to see the bill arrive and to think that I could have made each of the meals the four of us ordered each night of the week for all of us - drives me crazy....I actually feel yucky for the next few days because of this. Guilty. So eating out for lunch or dinner is occurring less often.

Getting back on the subject. At first staying home was scary because there wasn't an automatic group of coworkers I could chat with around the "water cooler" or in the "lunchroom." I wondered if I would have to live without friends. Would I find women to relate to and be able to talk about my babies with. But no worries, I got involved with MOMS club and other activities...and have made some lifelong friends.

Staying home can feel confining but I really feel lucky to be surrounded by other moms that have the same goals because this week - I spent our grocery money and then $2 for a tiny pizza for myself today (since the boys got theirs for free). That's it. The rest of the week was free fun. And we weren't confined to our house...

We walked to a park with Jessie and her girls.
We walked to the park with Heather and her kiddos.
We stopped at park just us.
We went for a long hike with Melody and her two boys.
We had Henry's class.
Charley had preschool.
Charley had a playdate and went on a playdate.
We went to storytime at the library.
We had lunch with Lynelle and Elly after touring the Papa Murphys.

So some people can't imagine being home daily with their children...because they would feel isolated, secluded, alone....and I HAVE MANY DAYS LIKE THAT! or because it costs to much to entertain ourselves...I am surprised often. But this week - because of friends, we had a busy, almost overwhelming week. All for the cost of $2. Thank you friends for hanging out with us.

So, how do I stay sane?
The quick answer: Friends!
Love you all!

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