Friday, November 13, 2009

This is why you have two....

I am totally reaping the benefits of having two children these days. All morning they have been conversing and enjoying each other's company. They even had a disagreement and worked it out. It sounded like this:

Charley: Mama, can I watch Backyardigans? Henry do you want to watch Backyardigans?
Henry: NO! (yelled)
Charley: Please, I want to watch Backyardigans.
Henry: NO! DORA! Yelled louder.
Charley: Please Henry.
Henry: NO! D-D-D-Dora!
Charley: That's kind of funny Henry. (laughing) Dora has a girl in the show.
Henry: Boots!
Charley: Yes, you are right. Boots is a boy.
Henry: (pointing down at his feet) Shoes?
Charley: No Boots doesn't wear shoes. He wears BOOTS

This morning Charley hung out with us instead of going to school because for 4 hours last night he had a temperature. Not today though! He is all himself...but who knows...we'll see what the rest of the day brings. It is now up in the air how the weekend will turn out. Ed says I jinxed it.

So this morning the boys played for an hour at the kitchen table with play dough. Charley talked to Henry the whole time and even worked with him on sharing and saying Please! Henry gave Charley the burger making thing for his birthday. It is a little dippy but Charley has played with it for hours already!

This would be why two is worth it. This is why three isn't as overwhelming to think about.


Seidel Family said...

I completely agree! We were talking about that yesterday at ECFE-Shari said going from 1-2 is hard, but 2-3 is easy. I have the you?

Raina and Andy said...

3-3-3-3!!! Can't wait-Love Aunt Raina

Ed, Sarah, Charley, and Henry said...

little bit...


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