Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Midnight run to the ER

Henry started the croup-y barky cough yesterday afternoon and by bedtime I was getting worried....and by 11:43 PM we were heading to the ER. I called our doc and the nurse had me hold the phone up to him and she said 10 minutes in the bathroom with the hot shower going and then take him in. He had the strider part of the croup going on. He sounded amazingly better after the shower and was a good little patient at the nearly empty ER (SCORE!). His lungs sounded great which confirmed it was croup. They did a dose of steroids and then we headed home back to "da-EE, Char -EE, and sha-ER." The three things Henry kept telling me during the little midnight outing.

He was up at 6 this morning and sounds better but the cough still sounds so horrible and his little eyes are so tired. Low key is the word for today! Henry immediately pulled up his pj pant leg to show Charley his ER band. I will call his doctor in a bit to see if they want to see him.

Happy Tuesday all! We wish you a healthy day!

PS One tired mama here today...and one tired daddy at work. To help me get through the day I put 5 new songs at the top of my blog playlist...hope you like them. Always looking for good music to share...any suggestions!


Anonymous said...

been there! can you believe it? my little eli man had croup before you're little henry man! amazing. hope he feels better so you don't have to listen to it..it hurts a mommy's ears. keep me updated. i'm sure you'll be TIRED today. RR

Grandma Charlie said...

His daddy had croup a few times, once before he was one, and it is so scary, and amazing how the bathroom steam helps. I think I told you Sarah, that I found that remedy in the old Dr. Spock book I used.

April said...

ahh, Anna had croup about a month ago on our trip. Probably the scariest illness one of my kids have had because of the breathing. Hope he feels better!

Sarah D. said...

Oh I hope he feels better Sarah - that is NO fun!


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