Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spur of the moment date night!

Ed flew to Kentucky early Tuesday morning for business. I was set on the idea that I would get sick while he was gone. But I DIDN'T! YEAH! He was set to get home yesterday around 4ish. I called our neighbors around 2 to see if one of the girls could babysit. YES! Love that she can arrive in slippers! After eating dinner with the boys we left them excited to play (yes, both of them love her)! Ed and I headed to Toys R Us to get Charley's birthday presents figured out. I LOVED having Ed there to help me make the decisions. I realized, as he paused a little longer in the LEGO Star Wars aisle, that we are quickly approaching the stage where Ed is going to be just as excited about some of Charley's toys. ha! We looked at a lot of fun stuff and at one point when we were looking at "guys," I think they were Star Wars....

I said, "I just don't get it! At least with Barbies you can get outfits and change their clothes, shoes, and hairstyles. For $10 bucks- this really does it for a little boy?"

Ed replied, "Get to? Boys don't have to."

Okay, so my mindset is growing up girl and I don't get that boys are glad they don't HAVE to change outfits, hairstyles, and shoes. Boys just get down to business: saving the world.

We walked out with a couple fun things that both of us are very excited about. I have one thing I ordered yesterday and I am praying it arrives on Saturday, but if it doesn't, I will wrap up a picture of if it! Stay tuned for the revealing of the birthday presents....on Sunday...they will be unwrapped!

After getting the birthday present shopping accomplished we headed to the movie "Couple's Retreat". I LOVED it! I don't think it is getting great ratings but as I was sitting there I wondered if someone married was reviewing it...or was it some single 20 something year old. I laughed out loud several times during it and walked out smiling. Ed grabbed my hand a few times, laughed, and enjoyed it as well. There were three other couples in the theater and they all laughed out loud too. GO! Enjoy it! It had little messages thrown in the whole movie that are good reminders! I was glad we took the time to go see it together.

Mission accomplished!


Barb said...

What a fun evening you guys had and the boys were happy with a sitter too! Doesn't it feel good not to have to go out last minute to shop for your 5-year old. He will be thrilled with everything. Try to remember his reaction to all the gifts. Cleveland here I come -- and I heard the flu is rampant there, whatever!

Anonymous said...

soooooooo fun!!! i'm glad you guys took some time to be together. RR


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