Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thanks MOM!

Thank you mom for flying here last Wednesday night and hanging out until Monday late afternoon. Thank you for listening to me plan the Survivor party. Thank you for being laid back with eating and hanging out. Thank you for being up for rides at the Mall of America. Thank you for putting up with my bitchy sassy attitude a lot of the time. Thank you for speaking up and getting the "to go" cup. Thank you for pitching in for food and ice! Thank you for the ideas (socks!). Thank you for making the margaritas, finding a great ham and preparing it, and cutting up all the ingredients for the salad. Thank you for sleeping up in Charley's room on the crinkly sheets. Thank you for being excited and enthusiastic for EVERYTHING! Thank you for loving up my boys. Thanks for being a mom to me...even when I am 33 years old! I get it - a mom's job is never done. You are so vital in my life! I love you! Come again for a visit when there isn't so much else going on!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahaha to the TO GO CUP!!!!! and also the crinkly sheets.
mom-you truly are the best.....I hope you never think otherwise! RR


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