Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grace in Small Things #20

Moments today...

1. Charley telling his teacher that his daddy came to see his locker.

2. My neighbor coming to my rescue. I have not bought diet coke for our house for two weeks and today Charley was so tired and whiny after his morning at school. Diet Coke sounded sooo good. So I called...she had it...I sent Charley on a mission...he came back with the goods and a smile on his face. He just needed some fresh air. Maybe I should buy some diet coke and give it to her to put on her deck and I can send him over when he is in breakdown mode and needs some fresh air or space from his mama. Note: The diet coke was for me...I was getting tired and whiny too.

3. Going to the mall to return a dress and having Charley beg to browse some stores...what! Henry and Charley just ran and I followed slowly behind. Not what I had planned but I went with it.

4. Yummy meal coop meal. I am still raving about the Meal Coop that I am in. THE. BEST. THING! Tonight Pineapple Pork over rice. It was crock pot cooked so the house didn't get too hot and it smelled good all day!

5. Another handful of tomatoes from our garden...two big ones and a handful of cherry tomatoes. Life is good!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OK, should explain how you got the Coop started and how its run...the nitty gritty details. I'd love to start one here! I have mentioned your 'thing' to other moms, and we have interest! :) KD


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