Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of Preschool (2009-2010)

Today my boy started his second year of preschool. Last year he went two afternoons a week. This year he will go three mornings a week. Henry and I will be on our own those mornings. Henry was a little lost today but I know this time will be good for us. Henry will hopefully continue to nap - which will give Charley and I some quiet time in the afternoons.

This morning the plan was to take Charley out for hearty breakfast before he started. Wouldn't you know it....Henry chose this morning to sleep past 7am! What the heck! I had to wake him at that we could have enough time. Daddy stayed home this morning to celebrate his first morning of preschool. So fun!

Charley didn't hesitate and was very excited. He brought his teacher flowers and chocolate again...hoping that they were her favorite...and sure enough - her response "Wow, my two favorite things!" He stood up a little straighter, smiled big, and looked over at me very proud to have "gotten it right."

Picking him up he was pretty happy. He did cry at first because they ran out of time and didn't get to end the day on the playground like they normally would. Now why would a preschool class run out of time on the first day of school...hmmmm...I solved that by heading to a nearby park with one of his preschool friends for a quick play. Perfect.

He had a great first day! I am so proud of him and know we must be doing something right if he can venture from our nest and survive and thrive happily! I have a feeling it will be a great year.


Anonymous said...

congrats charley! i'm so proud of you!!! wish i could be a butterfly on the wall watching him learn. love him so much!! RR

Anonymous said...

Tell Charley "GRANDMA BARB LOVES YOU SO MUCH!" Just wanted to say that and wish I could be there quick for a hug.


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