Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Evidence my boys are growing up...

So yesterday Charley had his first visit to the dentist. I was a little worried...since I know it is a little late to be going for the first time. But he got lots of compliments from his dentist. NO CAVITIES! Strong teeth and good looking gums. We just started flossing in the last month or so and she did say to continue doing that more often. Charley was determined to be a brave boy and do a good job so he could pick a prize out of the box like his friend Emma H. Thanks Emma for helping Charley be such a brave boy. Unfortunately he picked some fancy fan thing and didn't ask how it worked and it was broken by the time we set foot in the parking lot. Oh well, I guess next time he will be ready to doing good again so he can pick a new prize! And YES Charley, I would not be your mama if I hadn't brought my camera and whipped it out for a few pictures.

Charley had a playdate right after school today and so it was just Henry and I all morning and over lunch. At lunch Henry climbed up in Charley's seat and ate his lunch...well he did get up and down several times to see a truck on our road, to get more cereal for his bowl, and to close the sliding door. I think he ate a lot more when he sat in his booster. How do I get him back in that thing!

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