Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Garden is producing!

This past week Ed picked this crop, our first batch, and brought them to the cottage. Delicious! We have cherry tomatoes that are producing a good handful a day! I have 2 more big tomatoes on the counter and enjoyed a yummy BLT sandwich for lunch. We planted 23 tomato plants this year. Eight of them are cherry tomatoes - Charley eats them right off the vine. The rest are producing steady...but I don't think I will get enough at one time to can from my garden (since our garden doesn't get the ideal sunlight). But for the next month we sure are going to enjoy a steady crop of succulent red ripe tomatoes...of all sizes!

1 comment:

Raina and Andy said...

wish i liked tomatoes!!!!!! they look so good. Raina


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