Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4 year olds at play....

So Charley and Elly have been on opposite schedules this summer. When we are in town they are out of town. We are doing things that fit Charley and HENRY then they are doing things that fit Elly and EMMA. We have seen each other a little but the reality...fall is more fun for Lynelle and I to see each other. Things calm down. Although the truth is as the kids get bigger and more independent it requires less play dates where we both sit and watch them. Lynelle and I met when we joined a playgroup in our local mom's club. Then we both signed up for a local class when it was just Charley and I - I was pregnant. Time has flown!

Anyways....Charley finally got his wish..Elly came over today. I have been trying to get them to play outside because it is beautiful outside. They did for a while. But they keep appearing at my side telling me they are going to play inside. Right now they are playing store. They both filled a grocery bag with toys...all different kinds, they can barely walk and carry them. (oh joy - you know who is going to be sorting and putting them all away). They said they were shopping and going to my house (I am Grandma) and it will be my birthday and I am turning 16! Oh if only I was turning 16! Meanwhile, when the kids play I am able to get lots done around here. And when the kids are in bed tonight I can dig through the grocery bags and toss the toys that no longer need to be in our house. Love that! They'll never know!

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