Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Maybe, my boys won't find value in the fact that I am writing this blog for them. But if I could get a peek at my mom's world when she had us all home for a summer and it was just a random Tuesday morning--- I would love to know her thoughts, feelings...I would love to know what each of us was doing and what she was doing. So I do think that someday they might read this and find value. I was also thinking that if anything , yes morbid and sad, but if anything were to happen to me this would give them a little glimpse into who I was as their mama. Anyways...I have been trying to capture Henry running in the last week. It has been tough. But his darn run is so damn cute. He gets his one hand into a fist and starts chugging along. His other arm swings more normal but the one arm just works so hard to help him run faster and faster. Here is the best I could do.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Henry is your little cuddle bug! I'm also so glad you take lots of pictures and videos of Henry too because he is the 2nd child. Potential to be the youngest or the middle child-and when they grow up, it will be important to them that there is a picture or video of just them! I always make sure to remind myself of that for our future and I think you do a great job. RR ps CUTE video too!


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