Monday, August 10, 2009

Do you know what?

Today Uncle Greg came to spend the day. His time in MN is coming to a fast end and even though I think we will see him more when he moves to MI it is still hard to see that the relative living closest to us is now moving far away. So today he came to hang out with the boys. He got here around ten and that is when we heard, "Uncle Greg, do you know what?" Charley's phrase that often times starts much of what he wants to tell people is "Do you know what?" Today it occurred non-stop and Uncle Greg being the great uncle constantly said, "I do not know what Charley. Tell me." Which quieted Charley for a moment because he had to think about that....Uncle Greg didn't know. I think Charley probably says, "do you know what?" to me all the time but I just say, "What?" I don't notice until I am aware of him asking others. I said to Greg as our day together was ending, "I don't think I say that all the time?" and he replied, "I don't know anyone that says that all the time." keeping with today's theme...

Do you know what? Today Uncle Greg arrived at 10 and we set off to the park to fish.

Do you know what? We went fishing and caught many bluegill and even a painted turtle.

Do you know what? We enjoyed corn on the cob, grilled cheese, and apples for lunch.

Do you know what? While Henry napped Charley biked with his Uncle Greg.

Do you know what? After Henry woke up we went swimming. Charley even jumped off the diving board.

Do you know what? It was a great day and both boys are quiet and in bed and sleeping by 7:30!

Do you know what? Charley and Henry are very lucky to be loved by many special Aunts and Uncles. Each one is unique and gives them such special attention. Thank you Uncle Greg for taking time today to just hang out with us. I for sure enjoyed the company too!


Barb said...

Hey, do you know what? I LOVE IT! Love hearing all about your day and can just imagine Greg getting wiped out just from the energy pouring forth from his nephews - hey, do you know what? I bet Uncle Greg is sleeping somewhere right now too and it's only 7:58 pm. Was it catch and release?

Peggy, Jason and Lily said...

looks like you all had such a fun day!! i love that you did SOOOO much in one day!! that's awesome! I hope this means that now (at 7:04am) they are still sleeping!!!


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