Saturday, August 8, 2009

I feel confident...

that if there was a fire, my four and a half year old would know what to do. This was the discussion at breakfast this morning:

Charley: If there is a fire we get out and go to our "meeting box".

Mama: Meeting box? Where is our meeting box?

Charley: Our mailbox is our meeting box. If there is a dog you put it on the leash and take it out too.

Mama: But what if you can't find the dog.

Charley: Then you still go out to the "meeting box" but you will have to get a new dog.

Mama: No, the fireman will go in and get the dog. But Charley what if your door is closed and the handle of your door is you open your door?

Charley: No, that would mean a fire is out there.

Mama: So if you are scared in your room what do you do?

Charley: You throw your toys and stuff animals out your window so the firemen know you are there and they will use a ladder to come get you.

Mama: If you are scared do you hide in the closet?

Charley: Yes.

Mama: NO! Do not hide because the firemen want to get you as fast as they can.

Charley: If there is a fire by you you hop, jump, and roll.

Mama and daddy: No, you Stop! Drop! and Roll!

Charley: Oh yeah. ha haha ha!

He informed us he learned this when the fireman came to visit at his park program. I love to hear what he learns.

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Anonymous said...

i love charley EXTRA much at this moment!! AUnt Raina


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