Saturday, August 15, 2009

Henry is almost 20 months and Charley is 4 1/2

Henry is almost 20 months and his vocabulary is starting to emerge. He chit chats for much of our walk (we have gone a couple times this week - just him and I). He repeats what Charley says or anyone else that is excitedly saying something. He can now say...well these just come to mind.

puder - computer
waer - water
meball - meatball
ruck - truck
mo - more
chers - cheers

Now Charley will be five Oct. 25...and as I mentioned earlier today he is taking off with his reading. Very exciting. Not too into practicing his bike riding skills but he will sit with me for an hour making words, reading books, doing activity books, etc. So I will go with it and pray that he forever loves learning!

My boys amaze me everyday and I am thankful that they are healthy and happy and mine. Their excitement can get a little overwhelming...Ed and I had to glance at each other, with raised eyebrows, on our way home from the grocery store this evening. Charley was repeatedly singing the word Zipper at the top of his lungs and Henry was shouting and trying to repeat him. Ed and I had both come out of a daze and had no idea what the zipper thing was all about but they were both happy and giggling. If only they could have toned down the volume.

They make us smile - most of the time :)

Night night!

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