Saturday, August 22, 2009

He's gonna be that kid...

As a teacher I worked with a lot of children. Now with two boys I am constantly thinking...what is he going to be like in first grade. Today after a short nap Charley came down and got out his StarWars coloring book. He worked hard to pick a picture and told me his plan. Then he colored for like 5 minutes and then came and showed me....He is going to be "that" kid. The one that was super excited about the project but then worked hard and fast and then came to me with....something that was colored with one color and lots of white uncolored space. My response, "Oh, Johnny, looking good - keep up the good work!" His response,

"Oh, teacher, I am done. " I then continued to encourage him to work a little more...

Charley came to me today to show his picture and then continued to explain, "I like how I colored and all the white is snow. It snowed all over here and here. Is that okay mama?"

Sure, it is okay...but that kid that finished in 5 minutes when he was given 30 minutes, used one color when he has a box of 64 colors, and has the ability to make far less "snow" show up on his paper drives me crazy! And I can see my future....that will be my son! And I will continue to encourage but love his snowy pictures - hey, at least we live in Minnesota!

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Anonymous said...

hee hee hee this makes me LOVE charley even more! RR (is that possible?)


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