Friday, August 28, 2009

Grace in Small Things #18

1. 11 followers on my blog. I know a few people read but it is fun to know who you are. You can become a follower by signing up on the right hand side. (and Peggy I am counting you as the two or three people that you are...hehehe!) Totally makes my day..if I make your day with my ramblings...make mine...come on I dare ya!

2. Kid needles...we were on a hunt and found them at a learning store. I got a big pack and would be willing to send you one if you are in need. Charley is busy making a beaded necklace for his little friend's birthday tomorrow. The needle makes things FAR less frustrating! We will be threading cereal, noodles, beads, and more in the coming months.

3. Rainy morning in pjs - transition to sunny outing for lunch with daddy -transition to quiet afternoon during naptime - and hoping for a peaceful evening.

4. Caught up on cleaned up..ready for the weekend.

5. Water..I have been drinking more of it and craving it more often.

1 comment:

Peggy, Jason and Lily said...

you can count me as however many you want...i tried to 'stop following' as one of myself but not sure if it worked!!! i'm an avid reader!!


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