Friday, August 14, 2009

A Friend Comes into Your Life...

You never know when a new friend will come into your life or an old friend will reemerge. In this case it is a little of both. An old college friend connected me with one of her best friend's, Meg. Meg and I have crossed paths when hanging out with Sarah from time to time in the last 10 years. She and I live close enough and had an inkling that we would jive well. The first time she visited our house with Sarah she felt at home...could it have been the our family room furniture is the same set as in her house! That was it!

So today she came over to play with her three boys - yes, she has three adorable boys! She intrigues me right there..because I can foresee my life with three boys too. We had a great day...we hit a sprinkler park in the morning, had a picnic lunch, and then returned to our house where baby Sam and Henry napped while Vincent, William, and Charley played. Mama Meg and Mama Sarah sat and chatted..realizing constantly how alike we are...teaching, outnumbered by boys, same booster seat, same stroller, same hand soap, love of margaritas, same family room furniture and more. We share a wonderful friend Sarah, who we wish could have joined us in our play date today. It was a really fun day Meg! Let's do it again soon!

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Meg said...

We had a great time too Sarah!! We will have to put some more play dates on the calendar!! Thanks for being such a good hostess and putting up with sand on your kitchen floor, musical serenades while Henry was still napping, and of course temper tantrums. :) It was great chatting- we DO have so much in common and you have such good taste in so many things... :)

Talk to you soon!


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