Monday, August 3, 2009

Because there is only one thing

So I was away for the last week and Ed pointed out these glasses which he had carried down from our bedroom. I think there are 8 of them. Most of them he found on my bedside table...but some were stuck in other nuks and crannies around our room. I tend to drink my water for the day at night...although...often these glasses are still full. So I will admit to filling a glass, carrying it up, cleaning off a spot so I can put my fresh glass closest to me...and then being a lazy ass and not bringing it back downstairs in the morning.

So this is the ONE thing, the only thing...that drives Ed nuts about me. The fact that I leave all the cupboards open in the kitchen when I am operating in there...or that I ....well let's not go into all the things that gave him reason to marry me.

What wonderful habit do you have that reminds your husband daily why he chose you...wink wink!?


Raina and Andy said...

Andy hates how I bring my clothes in the bathroom on the hanger and then leave the hangers on the cupboard in there. Sometimes there are 6 or 7 facing all different ways hanging and you can't open the cupboard doors to get inside. HA. RAINA

Anonymous said...

Matt hates if I cut my nails anywhere besides directly over the garbage can (even if I am mindful of picking them all up and depositing them later--not good enough!)

April said...

I leave cupboards open too... and I leave my dresser drawers open. too much effort maybe for me :)


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