Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Loved this blog post today...

So I just got back from a fun weekend and was looking through photos of the weekend and realized that there was one picture of me. It was one at the parade where I handed the camera to Ed and said, "Can you take a picture of me with the boys?" I have spoken of this phenomenon to many mommy friends...how we, as moms, are rarely in photos...most often it is a good thing or a choice because I am rarely happy with photos of myself, but sometimes when I take it in and think about how in 30 years when the boys look back they will only know that I was behind the camera, it makes me sad. So I am vowing to ask Ed more often to take more pictures with me in them...not because I want pictures with me in them...but because the boys might want them ...someday.

This is a blog I follow often and today her post made me smile because I just had a similar conversation with my mom recently. And had just been thinking about how I am not in any of the pictures from the weekend. I still have my two classes to take at the camera shop where I bought my new camera and I am hoping Ed comes along so that he can learn how to use it too!

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Junebug said...

Hmmm...when we visited in May I remember having a conversation with you about you being in pictures with the boys too, that you said you might not want them because you think you don't look good (which you always do!), but to them, this is how they see you and someday they'll want those pictures.

I'm as guilty as you are.

On a side note...your fantabulous Nikon does have a self-timer - go ahead and use it! :)


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