Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am...

A friend (Kelly), shared this blog with me. Loved it. Thought I would try it since my day has been all about cleaning toilets, washing floors, and folding laundry. Nothing exciting to blog about.

For Today...

Outside my window... rugs drying in the breeze.

I am thinking... that I have a fantastic week ahead of me. Get away with Ed and time with Grandma Charlie!

I am thankful for... a friend who comes to my rescue too often. Thank you Lynelle for taking Charley so I can do some cleaning. I HAVE used this time very wisely.

From the kitchen... my last job to tackle...the pile of dirty dishes....besides our bedroom and bathroom....not sure if I will get there.

I am wearing... a new bra! LOVING IT! and.....cozy black pants and a gray t-shirt. It is a cool summer day.

I am reading... nothing right now- otherwise I wouldn't get any cleaning done.

I am the sound of our damn washing machine that is soooo loud and moves across the room. I am waiting for the day that it actually explodes into outerspace.

I am hoping... to get a walk in with my boys today.

I am creating... a clean cozy house for my mother in law so that she can enjoy the boys while we are away.

I am praying...that everyone stays healthy so we can enjoy the week up north coming up.

Around the house... you will no longer find several toys...I tossed a big bag in the garbage! WOO HOO! Although as soon as Charley arrives home I know he is going to ask where they are. No doubt about it.

One of my favorite things... having the windows open.

A few plans for the rest of the week... grocery shopping...nothing else I HAVE to accomplish.

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