Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Another tradition during our Fourth of July visit are the Bayfield fireworks. I giant waffle cone is a must! Henry even gave ice cream a try. Cozy on the laps of Grandma and Uncle Mike my boys enjoyed the fireworks again. I think I spent more time watching them take them in. Henry clapped and seemed to love them. He signed more! many times! Charley got a little wild right before the start but once they started he snuggled right in and enjoyed the show. We then arrived back at the campsite around 11:00 and all went right to sleep. It was a warmer night, with mama and daddy on cot mattresses! Everyone slept through the night until 7am! Whoopee! I am so curious how night three of camping will go since this afternoon after Henry's nap we will head down for a more normal camping experience....although we will plan to have pizza delivered - I know...not camping....but sure hits the spot!

Happy Independence day to baby Eli! Word of a homecoming is coming soon! Happy Independence day to Mama Raina, Uncle Andy, and baby Eli as they head home to be independent as a family...without all the kind help from doctors and nurses! Can't wait for official word!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you've had an amazing trip!



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