Monday, July 6, 2009

Eli is home!

Eli returned home on Sunday after a 16 day stay at the hospital with his mama and papa. They are home and giving everything a try. They went on a stroller walk already and have tried out the various napping spots! Grandma Barb is there today! Andy will be home tomorrow and Wednesday! I can imagine how good it feels to be home, to have your own cozy chairs to snuggle and nurse in, your own bed to nap (remember Raina-sleep when baby sleeps), and your kitchen to make some food ...if you have time! Enjoy your time little sister! I hope to visit soon!


Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

YIPEEEEE! I've been waiting for this post. :)

Anonymous said...

ME TOO!!!! -raina/mommy


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