Monday, June 29, 2009

Pool time..

So this afternoon I decided to challenge myself and take both boys to the community pool where Charley takes swimming lessons. It is a pool very similar to my old high school pool. Charley would NOT be able to stand however, there would also be nothing to tempt him to run around to0. We have a very nice zero entry family pool nearby but it costs a little more, is very crowded, is outside, and I just haven't been to it so it stresses me out. We have been doing swim lessons at this pool. So Charley wore his swim life jacket and I brought a floaty for Henry to ride in. On the way there I did the "Mama is nervous about doing this on her own. So you need to be patient and listen." It was AWESOME! Because it was a deeper pool Charley SWAM the entire time. He jumped in independently, played catch with Henry and I, and paddled far from me going under all the time. I was so impressed. When they called the 5 minute rest break I was unhappy...I did not want to get Henry out because I knew he would get cold. So Henry and I got out, snuggled in a towel and Charley plopped back in - ALL BY HIMSELF! His swim teacher was the lifeguard. It wasn't that busy. Both boys had a great time. We will definitely go back...and we didn't get sunburned or cold - since today wasn't an ideal pool or beach day! And I loved that once I was in the water I was in...I wasn't chasing around in my lovely swimsuit. Who likes to do that! I am so glad I found the energy to take my boys. It was worth it!


gschneider said...

Since I've been swimming competitively and watching all these kids in my pool this summer learn to swim, the most important thing that will help any kid learn to swim is time in the pool. I am not saying Charley needs to swim fast or anything, just that if you think about what worked for us, it was lessons, open swims, hotel pools, and the cottage, where we learned to be comfortable and quick. Mostly because it meant we won games :) So keep being brave and taking them to the pool. Just keep an eye on'em :)

And I'd love to join you guys some time...

The Gardiner Family said...

I am glad you had a great time at the pool. It is a big adventure when your out numbered.


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