Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eli Updates....

Now that things are settling down updates might slow down but I will for sure still update when Raina gives me info. So until he is discharged I will be here. So, Raina's first night on her own went well. It was hard but also good. He continues to eat like a champ but has been spitting up more. So she gets to change his outfit, which I don't think she is complaining about! :) His test results for the spinal tap came back NEGATIVE! YAY! So talk of discharge is in the air, but still lots to accomplish before that day. Makes Raina excited. She was telling me today how she has plans today to do a few things (walk Bailee, lunch, a visitor, etc) and has already started brainstorming things she wants to do with baby Eli when they get home. SO FUN! Raina's friend Peggy, honorary Aunt Peggy, got to hold Eli. I am so jealous. I hate being so far away when it comes to these life moments. But that means Eli is doing well enough that he can have visitors.

Funny story, well not funny at the time, but the "CODE" button in their room seems to be malfunctioning. Twice now a zillion doctors have come running, yelling CODE!, arriving in Raina's room to find Raina hanging out calmly. For some reason the Code button has been going off. Still very freaky at the moment for Raina but now she knows how fast people respond and how many people come running from ALL OVER the hospital. She said this last time that they need to still come if it goes off again, because what if it was real.

She is a mama! Enjoying every minute - even the crazy, spit up, no sleep, moments. She can't wait for the weekend when Andy can be there to enjoy them all with her again. She mentioned a while back how Andy has been her rock through all this. How well they have gotten along in this stressful situation, they didn't fight at all! And tonight he arrived with two dozen roses - WHAT A GUY! Hope night number two went even better.

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Nora said...

I'm jealous of Peggy too! :) Can't wait to hold the little guy. SO glad that things are brightening and that home is in the air. Prayers are answered every day.


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