Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chuck's treat...

Today after swimming lessons we journeyed out to find a Pizza Hut.....

When I was growing up, both my brother and sister worked at a Pizza Hut. They worked in back making pizza. I remember when they would return home smelling like Pizza Hut. It is a distinct smell. I always loved Pizza Hut pizza because that was probably the main pizza we ordered. If I remember correctly, I was not allowed to apply there....was it because I couldn't cook or was it because they didn't think I could handle the lunch rush as a waitress? hmmmm.... I remember my mom washing their uniforms and they still smelled like pizza - Pizza Hut pizza!

We don't order or eat Pizza Hut food much anymore. There aren't too many around. We have other favorite pizzas....and yes folks...I make my own crust and Charley helps put on toppings.

Getting back to today. I located a Pizza Hut not to far from here...had to be an actual restaurant not an express place. During Charley's preschool year he got to read for pizza. So he had earned two personal pan pizzas. So today Charley bought us lunch! What a treat. Charley and Henry both enjoyed their pizza and was good but the memories of the olden days was way more worth it. As I finished, I said, "Thanks for lunch Charley." He said, "No problem!"

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Barb said...

I can still smell the aroma from those black aprons myself. We went to Pizza Hut for book club last Monday and yep - it's the same 'ol place. I'll never forget all the leftover pizzas in our fridge in Sheboygan - and I really believe none of us ever got tired of eating it. In fact - names had to be written on the boxes to keep them from safe midnight snack hunters.


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