Friday, May 8, 2009

To all the mamas in my life...

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms that impact my life in all of the many ways.

Thank you to all my mommy friends who email, chat, get together for play dates, go on outings, etc. You make my day to day life as a mom that much more enjoyable. I have no idea how moms do it that isolate themselves and don't have a network of support to ask questions, vent frustrations, celebrate little or big moments, and laugh and enjoy life. You are an amazing group of women! Pamper yourself on Sunday. Find a moment to realize the job you do and the vital role you play in your family's life. Rest and then call me for a play date!

Thank you to my incredible mother-in-law. You have raised a wonderful son who chose me to spend his life with. You support us, help us, hang out with us, and love us so much. I learn from you and enjoy spending time with you. Thank you for listening to me babble and ramble all my thoughts about life.

Congratulations to Becca and Raina - two new moms this year! Becca your journey has begun. I hope you enjoy the week up north surrounded by all that love you. Raina- pamper yourself on Sunday because you are a mama already. You are sacrificing, protecting, and loving that little miracle that is going to arrive very soon!

Most importantly, thanks to my mom. She sees and hears my ups and downs and yet she still tells me what a great mom I am. I have learned from the best. My mom inspires me from moment to moment during the day. I wonder how she survived the day to day life raising us three kids. Keeping us busy, safe, clothed, happy, etc. How did she make meals, get the house cleaned, take care of the rest of family business, and still find time for herself. She continues to support me as a mom and a friend. She told me once that being a mom is the most important job a person has. In my eyes, you are a "master mother". The three of us are happy, healthy, living independent and loved by many. Thank you mom for all that you gave up, put on hold, skipped, and waited for. You amaze me!

Happy Mother's Day all! I do not tell you enough how important you all are to me.


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