Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No pictures....and no words can describe her....

I have a great friend and it is her birthday today. Happy Birthday, Lynelle!

I feel like a failure because I didn't even talk to her today...besides through our computers (both of which are Macs).

I became friends with her almost two years ago. We met in a playgroup through Mom's club. There are times when we see each other everyday of the week and then there are times when we don't see each other very often (like the last two weeks). We have thrown a garage sale together, we go for walks, we eat each other's cupcakes, and can just sit in each other's kitchens and chat. When I don't see her I miss her. I am comfortable around her, laid back, and at ease. She accepts my often times spazzy ways and goes with the flow. The thing I most appreciate about my friend Lynelle is the fact that she puts up with my erratic planning. I come up with things to do and places to go but then have to change the timing because of my boys and their naps or their eating or whatever. She is always willing to go with the flow. Charley loves her girls and has so much fun at their house or playing at our house.

Lynelle, thank you for being such a great friend. I love being a mom with you and look forward to many years ahead watching our children grow up together. Let's keep throwing in nights out with the girls...without the kids. I would love to treat you to a martini soon! Happy Birthday my friend! It is my goal this year to capture a picture of the two of us with one of our cameras!

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