Thursday, May 7, 2009

My boys and books...

One of the things my mom treasures about Charley is his love of reading. She notices how he hangs on every word as you read a book. He will sit for a long time listening...and when you think he might not be listening - you are wrong. He listens, comprehends, and enjoys. We have read to him before bed and nap since he was wee little. I hope someday he realizes this gift he was given- a family that finds time to read. His daddy reads with him just as much as his mom.

As a past teacher I was saddened by those families who never visited the library and allowed their children the experience of picking out a bag full of books. Charley loves to go and fill his bag and reading with him is that much more enjoyable when there are new books to journey through. The first week of summer my mom would take the three of us to the library and sign us up for the summer reading program, let us pick out an enormous amount of books and listen to us excitedly read her the titles on the way home. A gift - free (unless you turn them in late me) But still well worth the small late fee that occurs occasionally!

My mom gets a bucket of books before we visit and it is fun to see what she picks out. Charley knows and enjoys the libraries in both his grandma's towns. hmmmm....libraries!

Henry has started sitting very nicely for books too. He won't sit to listen to a story but he will sit and look and point and talk about each and every page. His favorite books these days are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Polar Bear, Polar Bear! Cracks me up! He has to find these two books and he gets so excited and hurries over to the chair to read them. He is loving animals!

Reading is a must in our household before bedtime. It is a constant and I hope that forever, they enjoy the value and impact that books can bring a person.

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