Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time with the girls...

This weekend Ed had his annual spring golf thingy. He goes every year around this time with a huge group of friends. They chance the weather and are sometimes surprised with great weather and sometimes it is wickedly winter like. This weekend he was graced with some nice weather and some okay weather.

Meanwhile, I was single mama for the weekend. Even though I build up these days all on my own as being hard they usually go smooth and are enjoyable. It is nice to just do things when I want with the boys...dinner on their schedule, bath and bed when I am ready. This year I invited my good friends Molly and Kim over. Their husbands were swinging their golf clubs with mine. They came over Saturday night and we hung out. The kids played, bathed together, and all went to bed decently (Charley had the most trouble - too excited to have sleep over in mama's room since Kim and Tommy were crashing in his room). Along with the kids Kim and Molly both brought their BIG dogs and Henry loved watching them roam our house. I got some good chatting with my girls and it is always good to hear what is going on in their lives...we discussed the idea of a girls weekend. WE NEED TO this into action and do it....even if it is simple, local, and for one night. I am ready!

Thanks gals for coming over, hanging out, being cozy in our house with us, and reminding me that time with friends is soooo good for the soul.

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Junebug said...

Too bad I missed it! Michael golfs every year, too! :(


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