Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things I love today... so far...

1. I appreciate when my boys sleep until 7am or very close and they are happy when they rise.

2. I appreciate Charley getting dressed without a battle and choosing clothing that works for the weather and day.

3. I love that our grass is green without a dandelion to be seen. We are usually "those" people on our street. But we have managed to rid our year of them. YES!

4. I love that Henry is figuring out how to use a spoon and can eat yogurt, oatmeal, and applesauce on his own!

5. I love that I can count on my mom and sister to email me during the day and give me adult communication from time to time.

6. I love Tuesday afternoons when Henry naps and Charley goes to preschool and I can get a few things done without interruption.

7. I of course love my diet coke!

8. I love that we have the ingredients for margaritas and I can make one tonight while I watch idol!

9. I love that I have a carpool going for Charley's preschool so that I can relax and let Henry nap without feeling like I have to get home, get him down, and then wake him up. Carpools are great!

10. I love my new cozy pants that I got yesterday at Old Navy for only $15. Being home means being ready to play outside, clean, kneel in the drive way with chalk, or throw on tennis shoes and walk to the park. One needs to be comfortable!

11. I love that after a week of being crabby, snappy, and overly emotional I get a few days of feeling happy, patient, and at peace. sigh.

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