Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scrubbing floors and other ramblings...

So I hate washing kitchen floors...or any floors. I have never felt I can do this task justice so I have always asked Ed to do this. Henry has made one part of our kitchen my daily nightmare. Today we had a new friend over and where did she stand most of her time here....back by the sliding door so she could see her kids...right in Henry's blueberry applesauce corner. I of course apologized and she has an 18 month old and deals with the same issues. Still.....embarrassing.

So this afternoon I got Hank down for a nap and Charley resting in front of the TV. And went to town, swept with a broom, swept with dry swiffer, used the wet swiffer and the spray jet down on my hands and knees and tried my best. But crumbs still surfaced and I still felt like I was moving around the mess. It sure looks better...all shiny. But I feel very inadequate about my floor cleaning skills.

Ed is super busy these days working and when he gets home he wants to enjoy the boys and the little bit of sunshine. Our outside to do list is massive and inside I have a honey do list that continues to get longer. So this time I did the floors. Does anyone out there have a tool, a cleaning product, a way they clean their kitchen floors. We have hardwood that needs major work and as I wash them and see up close how nicked, scratched, faded, and water damaged they are. I look forward to the day when we have a few extra dollars to get them fixed. But until that day, which should probably be after the boys are done driving their big digger, hot wheel cars, and other toys around on them, I will continue to try and make them look as good as I can.

Anyways, I am done. I am tired. They look fine.

I am also very, very tempted to put the highchair away and put Henry at the table with us. Is it time? My friend today just said they moved their little guy to the table. She said the crumbs are worse at the table but the highchair is no fun to clean either. I HATE the highchair! At least the booster doesn't have as many nooks and crannies to clean. At least it is summer soon and I can throw the thing outside and wipe it down, hose it down, or whatever needs to be done.

On a side note. We had a quick play date with a boy from Charley's preschool. It was spur of the moment. They are in Henry's class too so their kids match ours. It was super fun and everyone really clicked. It feels good to make a new friend, gain a new perspective, and be distracted for a few hours of the day with another mommy. She has four children and her husband travels international and is often gone for a week at a time...sometimes two. I can't imagine. It motivated me to look at the next few days as nothing compared to how some moms deal daily or more often as "single" moms. It is all relative to one's own experience...but still. I really find joy in hanging out with other moms and learning from their experiences. She mentioned a sandbox they built in their yard that is large and even has a bench along one side so she can sit there with the kids. I am putting this task on the top of the Honey-Do list and will hopefully get Ed to get to it next weekend! I am sure he will be full of energy after a weekend of golf with his buddies :)

Floor washing any?

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