Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Customer Service...

Lately I have been gifted great customer service at the well known store...Target! The last time I went shopping I was looking for large bags of lettuce to make a giant salad for my sister's shower. I was overwhelmed with packing, travel, etc so I didn't want to cut my own. As I stood there, the man who stocks the shelves stopped and asked if he could help me find something. I asked him if they had any larger bags. He answered, no and that they used to but not anymore. So he recommended a few smaller bags. I grabbed a few and then he handed me a handwritten note that told the check-out gal that each bag was 99cents instead of the 1.59! COOL!

Then tonight I went and had a handful of coupons. I didn't find a few items and accidentally gave the gal a coupon for something I didn't buy. I told her that I didn't get that item, as she scanned and it didn't work. But she pushed a few buttons and scanned it anyway! She did that for a few coupons that had two coupons mentioned on one piece of paper! I HATE how some check out ladies pay attention to expiration dates, others don't, and now some will scan coupons even if you don't buy the item! I am loving Target these days! I saved $16.40 with coupons tonight!

A few months ago I bought some Target brand croutons. They were supposed to be flavored but they weren't. It was like the batch hadn't been seasoned. I called the number on the back of the package and asked or informed them of the issue. Within 3 days I was sent a $6.00 voucher for Target. AWESOME! Now that is customer service.

I grew up on Mrs. Grass's Chicken noodle soup.....I know, I know...there isn't much nutritional value in it but it warms you on a cold day. It tastes great with a grilled cheese and it doesn't have anything scary in it for kids :) Well we had a box that didn't taste right. So I called and they sent me coupons for two free boxes and then 50cents off two more boxes!

Did you know that if you buy Pamper's diapers and as you are putting them on the sticky tag pulls completely off ...leaving you with a wasted diaper....they will reimburse you an entire box of diapers. They did this for me twice when Charley was tiny. We have not had the problem yet with Henry! So I am not sure if they still do this. But it is good to know!

In college I was known by a few of my college dorm friends as the girl to go to to call up the phone company or elsewhere to get business taken care of. I guess I still got it.

* Note I am not out to scam to get free stuff. I just expect to get what I paid for. I am always very nice and complimentary. Like my mom always said squeaky wheel gets the grease!

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