Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Uncle Greg / Brother Greg!

I have a brother.
His feet used to disturb me...they probably still would.
My sister used to earn money sitting in between us in the car.
Growing up he used to wear a blue robe cinched tightly over his skinny body when he woke up in the morning.
He devours cereal...any kind.
He no longer eats dairy but used to have a giant bowl of ice cream before bed.
His lifestyle helps make our world a better place.
I learn from him.
He finds my boys entertaining and uses the word riot frequently when with them.
Even though people think we live close here in MN - we really don't see each other enough.
He will be a doctor this spring.
He took his first official teaching job recently and it will be sad to have him move to Flint, MI but good for him! New challenges!
He is a passionate person who knows how to live life and have a great time.
He understands when his sister doesn't get a card there on will be there soon.
Happy birthday little brother! You are now in the 30's....hope today wasn't too tough! 30 is the new 20...isn't it!

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