Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We've been playing

I realized yesterday that I hadn't blogged since Sunday! WOW! That must have been a record for me. I got me a new phone and it has taken some of my time and brain cells to get it functioning correctly. Yay! In the last few days Henry has gotten super animated and fun to play with and that has kept me from blogging too. He gets really excited about things Charley is doing. Here they are playing with a "Star Wars" ship that Daddy built. I have to say that this Christmas present was a winner! WE LOVE IT! We are going to get a second set so we can build bigger and more elaborate! We also took Henry to the pet shop to just browse. We have a great pet shop nearby. Henry pointed and talked loudly (talked..meaning baby babbled) about each of the animals he saw. I loved that he got that he was supposed to be looking at the animals. He is walking and turning and walking some more...but still chooses to crawl more often.

He wants to eat out of bowls or off plates just like big people. He is growing up so fast and he is at a stage that I can't get enough of. Charley is super patient and loves seeing all the new attention Henry gives him.

The countdown begins for me. Ed and I will be leaving for Florida next Wednesday. Both our mom's are coming to share in the loving up of our boys. I am not at all worried about leaving them...but I am worried about missing them. I have only spent one night away from Henry and so a few nights is going to be tough. I soooo need this though. A break from the house. I realize at times that when I worked I got a change of scenery. Being home all day, everyday, means my scenery doesn't change too much. It will also be soooo good for Ed and I. I was telling Ed that it is so important that we still find things that the two of us enjoy together so that when life isn't all about the kids (will it ever be...yes, I know someday it will still be all about the kids but different)we will be left to eat dinner just the two of us, to find entertainment on Friday nights for just the two of us...etc. And to make that time anticipated and okay we need to make time for us now. So this Florida trip is good for US. It is also such a special time for the kids to be with their grandparents. I had such close relationships with my grandparents because my parents let them have me. They got me for a week at a time...or for a weekend...without the parental hovering that happens. So this trip will be good...I just need to keep reminding myself that as the sad thoughts of not hearing Henry babble, Charley chit chat about everything and anything, and being able to poke my head in and see them sleeping, creep into my head. The crumby floors, the poopy diapers, the catering kid food at every meal, and laundry piles will not be missed. But I hope that coming back I will be excited again for them.

So it has been a few days since I blogged...lots on my mind, lots on my to do list, lots changing for the boys....but all good. I have felt really happy lately and gosh, that feels good.

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