Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This year Charley gets to sign his Valentine's all on his own. We have done a few each day. Going to pick out his Valentine's was a cute experience. He knew he was going to get to pick them out as we headed to the store. He literally took 20 minutes. He held each box and thought about it. He talked to me about each option. I ruled a few out because there weren't enough in the box, they weren't appropriate for 4 year old preschool...(in my opinion). He even decided that doing our other shopping and coming back to the Valentines would give him more thinking time. He finally decided on Kung Fu Panda. They came with tattoos. His teacher told us they only had to sign their name...making it easier and quicker to pass out. As you can see from this picture he is working very hard on writing his name.

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