Monday, February 23, 2009

Team Grandma

I want to extend a thank you to my mom and Ed's mom. They took off work, left their husbands and busy lives, to come to the frigid state of MN to care for our miracles while we went on a short trip. Charley told me twice today, "Next time you go away, I want both grandmas to come again and we will do the exact same things." He had a special time of being pampered with two people who played with him non-stop. He is slowly sharing little bits of information and I can tell that he was in his glory telling them how he does things, how mama does things, and how he thinks things are done (but aren't necessarily true).

Tonight he shared that they had to do bath over because Henry pooped in the tub the other night. HA! Henry has never done that.

The Grandmas referred to themselves as "Team Grandma." The grandmas got along, worked together, and even enjoyed each others company. Last night I giggled heading up to bed because it almost seemed slightly like two elementary school friends having a sleepover..the way they laughed about certain things, finished each others stories, and shared how they spent their time in the evenings watching American Idol. They shared the "chore" stuff and took turns loving up the boys. Henry also got a ton of attention and learned some new stuff.

He is nodding yes and no now. Tonight he used this new skill to cause my heart to break just a teeny tiny bit. Ed had put his PJ's on after bath and was carrying him around and I came in to take over with reading a story and putting him to bed. So I reached out and said time to go night night! and he clung to daddy and shook his head no. Ed's smile reached from ear to ear. So I proceeded to say night night, shuffle out of the room, and try and convince Charley that I could play a round of tackle football instead of daddy.

We arrived home last night and the boys were in bed so we planned on seeing them in the morning. Ed's mom, Charlie, got Henry up when he woke and brought him downstairs. When Ed was ready for work the two of us went down together. Both Grandmas were playing with Henry and Charley downstairs. Henry had his back to the stairs. When we reached the bottom I kind of shuffled my feet a little louder and someone might have said, "Look who's here!"
He turned around, stood up, and stared at us. He got this mystified look in his eye and his lip quivered...almost wanting to get big and start crying. However, he did hold it together. But as Ed and I pleaded with him to "come to mama! come to daddy!" He turned to my mom and quickly got to her, stood up, and clung to her for dear life. Then he turned and just watched us. Slowly he warmed up to us. I can tell it will be a day or two before his complete trust in us is back. I suppose that is to be expected. He did a wonderful job with our moms. Makes me sad to think we could have not returned and he probably would have just gone with the flow and lived life. BUT, WE ARE BACK! And I have thoroughly enjoyed watching how he has changed just a little bit...walking with a little more confidence, nodding yes and no, getting loudly excited over certain things like food, riding the blue dog, the ball toy thing, etc.

Tonight at dinner I had the boys sitting ready to eat as Ed walked in and Henry heard the door slam and got so happy. Things are back to normal...even if I am still depressed that it isn't spring yet, my tan will be fading and gone by Wednesday, and I was making dinner instead of being served something yummy.

Welcome back to the regular routine in our household. The boys won't be catered to by two Grandmas that have boundless energy to give to them. Ed is back to the commute, workday - returning home in time for dinner, play and bath. And as for me....I get to blog again! Do piles of laundry. Make meals. Change diapers. And continue to watch my little guys grow and change. Being gone makes them grow so much faster...I am glad to be home.

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