Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reconnecting with one's past

In the last year my world has opened up to my past. I have reconnected with old "best friends" from elementary school and great friends from high school. It keeps me in touch with teacher friends I no longer see on a daily basis. It makes me smile during the day to see my mommy friends communicating our daily ups and downs. Face book seems to be the butt of many jokes lately. It comes up in conversations. My husband refuses to join face book yet, he peers over my shoulder from time to time trying to get a glimpse of some of his friends who I have been lucky enough to have as friends because of him. I hate that I lost touch of childhood friends but I also am thoroughly enjoying catching up with them and finding out what has been up with them in the last 15 years.

Today a friend from high school, who I haven't seen or talked to in almost 15 years sent me a CD. I made her one and she made me one. We thought this might motivate each other to get on the elliptical machines and work out. So fun! Made my day! I wonder what she thinks of mine. The song playing on my blog is from her CD. LOVE IT!

I wonder about how Face book will change Charley's life. No, Charley does not have a face book page, he is only four. However, I am sure he will have one once he is in high school which makes me think that his high school friends will all be on his face book as friends and he will never lose touch with them. Because the children of today will probably have these face book pages they will stay connected, most likely, and that is very cool. However, he will then lose the chance to lose touch and have this feeling, I am having lately, of excitement and anticipation to hear who my childhood friends have become.

My brother once talked to me about how with every new invention or improvement we lose something. With emails most people have lost the ability to find time to write a letter. With text messages we are losing the need to talk verbally. With GPS systems we could easily forget how to read a map. With face book we will lose the chance to lose touch and reconnect. Is that a good thing or a bad thing....tough to say one way or another. I am really enjoying finding some old friends that were important during those somewhat difficult high school years.

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