Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Friday

When I arrived at UW-Eau Claire and was placed in the all girls dorm I didn't know what to think. In high school I was shy and didn't say to peeps to a boy so I actually wasn't too upset about it. I knew that it was going to be a chance to meet some great girl friends. I was right. Living right next door to me was a girl named Kim. We got to know each other and our friendship grew. She is actually the person that brought Ed into my life, they are second cousins...or something. We actually graduated with teaching degrees from UWEC together. We got our masters at St. Mary's together. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and continues to be a good friend. Even though we live "close" we don't get to see each other very often...since when you live on opposite sides of a major metro city the traffic can cause a 20 mile distance to take close to 40 minutes.

Today I got to watch the little guy. He napped well, drank his bottles well, and rolled around on the blanket. I could tell he was Kimmer's son because he is laid back and go with the flow. He never freaked out but kept his cool all day....well so far. I was honored to watch him and I hope I can do it again because it gives me a chance to know him.

Now, Henry, he didn't quite know what to make of the little person. He sat and looked at the gear that Kim brought for a while this morning. He fussed a little when I was giving Tommy his bottle. And he was intrigued by the old exo-saucer and bouncy seat that we dug out for Tommy to use today. They are 8 months apart (I think) and right now it seems like a lot...but in two years I have a feeling they will keep their two mommies on their toes as we stroll at the zoo or meet at a park.

Charley was an old pro telling me what he thought Tommy should be doing or needing. He entertained him nicely and was very gentle.

Thanks Kim and Cory for letting me have your little guy today. It was really fun.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE tommy's socks.
SO cute. what a fun morning. RAINA

Junebug said...

Boy, I almost had to do a double-take...Henry looks like a mini Charley in that photo! :)


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