Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How do you deal with this...the boy picks...

Warning...daddy....this is going to hurt and you will have steam coming out of your ears.....use the commute to calm so you can deal with this situation calmly.

So this morning I went into Charley's room and laid down on his bed and this is what I saw....

just above his pillow on the wall! He has picked a hole down to a nail in the wall! WHAT! HOW DO YOU EVEN DEAL WITH THIS SITUATION WHEN HE IS FOUR!

He is a picker. He picks at his nails, he picks at the world, and he has done something similar to this at my mom and dads. Sorry! I catch him picking at his toenails and I make him stop and put on socks or what not. He runs and finds a corner and doesn't think I notice his plan. Or he will put his foot under the blanket and think I won't know that he thinks he can continue picking.

I know he didn't do this with the intent of ruining the wall or making us mad. I am sure it is just this drive that he has in his body. He informed me that we could just paint some brown paint on it and it would be fixed. Unfortunately I informed him that it is deeper than a little paint. I then calmly lectured him and explained that if he ruins things like carpet, furniture, or walls we will have to stop buying fun food, toys, activities etc.

I will admit, I had absolutely NO idea how to deal with this situation. Any guidance would be appreciated. I want the consequence to fit the crime. Help!

Meanwhile, the little rascal is fishing today in a laundry basket with another laundry basket on top and a blanket over that.....could he be hiding.....

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