Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching up....

So it was such a treat to get away from the normal routine for a few days but I will admit that it would almost be better to have not gone. It is really hard to get caught up and feel back in the swing of things. We had playgroup this morning and missed because I wanted Henry to get a nap and we were getting so much done. Making dinner last night, I just kept thinking, how nice it was last week to just get dressed up and go out. Waking up this morning was really hard. I was so tired. And falling asleep last night...happened earlier than usual.

Today I have been catching up with the boys and even though it is so tempting to put off playing with them to get the laundry done or the kitchen cleaned up - I am focusing on them. This morning we played and when Henry went down for a nap Charley and I had a game marathon and played several games. After lunch we went for a nice long walk, taking a rest stop at the coffee shop nearby to split a cookie, and then returned home. Charley is getting really good at cleaning up. I set the clock for 10 minutes. He tells me to "Go!" and then we clean up! I am very very proud of him. He is amazed that it only takes a little to get it all done. Now we are both resting in front of Max and Ruby. I will tackle a load of laundry and clean up the kitchen in minutes.

So it is overwhelming returning home and getting thrown back into being a mommy. But we are getting there and soon that break from the norm will be a distant memory.

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