Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Ed!

Today is Valentine's Day for the United States, but in our house we celebrate the most important man in our lives. Daddy! Ed was born on Valentine's day. After February 14, 1976, I am sure his mom was never given a Valentine's gift that inspired more love than on that day. Today was a busy day with a baby shower for his brother and his wife and a sliding party with family and friends. His day has not been "all about him." He was a trooper and seemed to not mind. That's Ed...

I would like to take a minute to list 10 things I love or appreciate about you (these are just a few...nothing too deep...just things)...

1. I appreciate that you know how to fix things...whether it is an oven, a garbage disposal, a toilet, the computer, or whatever else. You amaze me and I love that you can come to my rescue when these daily appliances that I take for granted leave us in a lurch.

2. I love that you kiss me good-bye every morning.

3. I love that you smile when you swing high.

4. I love when you laugh during "our" favorite shows. I am really glad we found a few shows that we both enjoy.

5. I love that you insist on driving when we go on trips around Minnesota and Wisconsin.

6. I love that you make time for your friends and go golfing, hunting, to the movies, etc. That time with friends makes you happy. I love that you are loyal and will be the last to "turn in" when you are hanging out with friends.

7. I love that being a dad is a priority to you. You come home after a long day at work and a significant commute to make the last hour of your two boys' days their best hours of the day. Whether it is playing Star Wars or get your time with them. And giving them a bath has been something you have done with the boys almost every night since they were born. Precious!

8. I love that in the seven years we have been married I have figured out one thing I can make that thrills you....french silk pie.

9. I love that you get excited about Las Vegas...even if the next trip we take there will be with my family :) And I love that we have been there together.

10. I love that you are one of the most kind, level headed, calm, patient men I would have to be all of these things to survive the last 7 years married to me.

Happy Birthday Ed! We love you!

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Happy Birthday Ed! Beautifully said Sarah. You sound like you've certainly found a match in each other. :)


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