Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things I love about today and the future...

I love seeing the millions of people in Washington DC this morning celebrating the historical day.

I loved seeing President Bush and President Obama together.

It amazed me to see Bush standing behind President Obama during his speech today.

I love that I am alive during a period in time where history is being made.

I am thrilled that my boys will grow up without thinking about color or race. I love that there are children out there with different colored skin, different religious backgrounds, from different parts of the world, who are Americans and can grow up believing that they can be anyone, an opportunity that has been available, in my heart, for a long time. But now, today, there is proof! There is a role model.

I wonder how Bush is feeling as he flies away....I am sure relief. I know there are so many mixed feelings out there about him. I think he had some huge events/issues that he had to deal with as a president and he did the best he could and for that he deserves some peace and time to just be. I hope the American people can let him be.

I love that this new president is going to bring a different family lifestyle to Washington. I love that they have children, I love that they are a new generation, I love that it is new and different.

I am in awe of the history and the tradition of this event.

I love that whether you voted for Obama, whether you are democrat or republican, whether you pay attention to politics....most people can see the significance in this day.

The thing that brings the most emotion though....isn't that this is our first black president or that we have a democratic president. My friend Paula pointed this out....it is that in America our transition of power is peaceful, celebratory, ceremonial, a party. In other parts of the world the transition of power is associated with war, struggle, and unhappiness. It is amazing how our country works, and has worked forever! I am a proud American.


daring one said...

I thought the same thing about Bush. I was getting a "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya vibe from him." That man's been through the ringer the past 8 years. He can't be sad to be done.

Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Oh Sarah - I can't agree with everything you said enough!!! Its amazing and I had so much fun at school with my fourth graders. They are old enough to talk about some of this significance. They were clapping after his speech and the mood was so hopeful and filled with excitement!


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