Monday, January 19, 2009

Some days just fly by....

As I sit here enjoying a glass of wine and some mindless tv with my husband I come to realize that I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Some days drag, some days I want to pull my hair out, some days fly by, some days have too many moments that I want to remember and tell Ed about. Today flew by. We woke up, vacuumed upstairs, threw in a load of laundry and ate breakfast. We played a three rounds of the game cariboo, watched a cartoon, threw in another load of laundry, and made banana bread. Aunt Sara was here for a few while so she played with the boys while I made my four meals for meal swap tomorrow. Charley played a game on the computer when Aunt Sara left. I made lunch while Henry napped. I threw in another load of laundry, read some stories to Charley, tried to get the boys to nap, picked up toys, unloaded the dishwasher, vacuumed downstairs, and gave the boys a snack. I hosted a playdate/dinner with my mommy friends who Charley and I met through a group we joined connected to the hospital. When they left we headed up to bath, Ed arrived home, and the boys are in bed.

It wasn't a day of huge moments, nothing big was accomplished. Some of the things might seem silly to some. But everyone's moods were happy here, even though Charley's nose didn't stop running. I enjoy a day like today just as much as I enjoy a day filled with more exciting adventures.

Tomorrow will be more of the same for our household. However, in the bigger picture tomorrow will be a great day in history. I hope that I can some how find a moment to take it in and I hope I can share tomorrow's historical event with Charley in some small way. He is living in a great time in history and I am proud and thankful that this is his lifetime to live. Tomorrow is a new day for the United States of America. Go President Obama!

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