Friday, January 16, 2009

Pausing to appreciate...

Lately, I have had time to sit and just listen because Charley has a playmate and is very occupied. I can sit and watch and take it all in. I think getting full nights of sleep really helps with my energy and outlook on life. Lately, I have had moments where I am just giddy with happiness. Maybe it is that life has settled down and there is nothing major going on. I feel caught up...or maybe...

# we got to see family over the holiday and everyone was healthy and well.

# I have great mommy friends that help make our days at home more fun.

# I have gotten in touch with lots of old highschool friends who I hadn't spoken with in probably 15 years. Thank you facebook. I love hearing how they are all doing and it amazes me that many of us are at similar stages in life.


#it is the comments people make or messages people share in response to my blog. I LOVE hearing your thoughts. LOVE it.

# I get to go on a get away to the Florida sunshine in a month with my husband. It will be good for me in so many ways and it will be great for US in so many ways.

# I have a mom and mother in law that get along well and are coming to love up our boys so we can get away. Thank you!

# Our washing machine dial may have broken but I am still able to do laundry. Love that!

#Henry is playing more and more and it is fun to watch him shadow his big brother.

#Charley is absolutely going through a daddy stage. He loves his daddy time.

Well..maybe it is that...

# I have gotten in a few bubble bath and am almost done with a REALLY good book.

# Weaning Henry is going slowly but well.

# I have pink eye but my OBGYN got a prescription called in to Walgreens and Ed can drive through and pick it I have been home since Tuesday and loving that I can when it is so bitterly cold.

# It must be warming up because it is starting to snow. Maybe next week we can get out of the house.

# I am taking care of three munchkins during the day and it is going well....hmmm....what does that mean...3's a charm!

# My sister is pregnant and I can't wait to be mama sisters with her. Our relationship got closer when we could drink together and I can only imagine what will happen when we can change diapers together.

# The Christmas presents that the boys received were great choices because they are getting lots of use.

# Our house is warm, our pantry is stocked, our clothes are clean, and I have new boots that put a skip in my step.

# Being home all week...except for a doctor appointment on Tuesday has actually been really nice. I would think I would be going nuts but I have really actually enjoyed the excuse to just "be" home.

Okay, so there are lots of things that are going well in my life. I think often times I get so caught up in the crumbs, poopy diapers, piles of laundry, and the running to and from that I don't take time to realize all these things that I should appreciate more. Pausing to sigh before I go change up the laundry.

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is Saturday and my husband who has put in long hours and has still managed to get home for bath and story with the kids every night gets a day off to rest. I am going to do my best to let him rest. But I do need to go get groceries and breathe some fresh air. Enjoy your weekend. Take a moment to pause and think of the good things in your life. It sure does make a difference.


Raina said...

this was good. a NICE looooooooong list. good for you!!!! i wish i could do this. i SHOULD do this. but i never feel like i have that long of a list and i HATE it when you and mom list those things for me. i'm not greatful enough...i need to work on that a lot.

Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Awesome list Sarah - life sounds so warm, happy and perfect at your house!!


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