Thursday, January 8, 2009

Giving it a go...

Two things I am giving a try this new year:

First, I am in the process of weaning Henry. Ed and I will get to go on a trip to Florida in February and I need to get Henry down to one nurse a day by then. I want to nurse through the flu season because he has yet to be sick and I just think that nursing might have helped with that. I am also ready to be done. The boy loves his boob though so it is going to be hard. I am documenting this, maybe too much info for some people, but just in case another baby comes along in my life I can remember how I weaned. I have no memory of Charley's weaning process and his was different because of daycare. Today's first step is nursing him outside of his room and then taking him up and reading stories before bed. By the weekend I can cut out the entire 9 am feed before nap by having Ed put him down. Then next Monday we will live with no 9am nurse and by the next weekend we will cut out the afternoon feeding. We will also give milk a try as soon as I get to the store! So exciting!

Second, I am trying to get more active. Swimming was too hard to do at 8pm at night in this frigid weather. I hope to do it again in the spring. We have a nice elliptical machine sitting here. So I did 10 minutes on Tuesday and 20 minutes this morning.

So as the New Year starts I will no longer be burning 500 extra calories as a milking machine so therefore need to add a little exercise into my routine. Wish me luck!

Any advice on weaning jot me an email!

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